Support Policy Page

Customer Support Policy

1. Support Channels

Rasmmat offers customer support through various channels, which are: Email, WhatsApp, and a dedicated help center accessible on the platform.

2. Support Availability

Our customer support team operates from Saturday to Sunday 10AM - 5PM to address user inquiries, feedback, and issues promptly.

3. Types of Support

We provide assistance related to account management, technical issues, payment inquiries, and general platform guidance.

4. Response Time

We aim to respond to customer inquiries within 48Hrs during operating hours.

5. Issue Resolution

Our team is committed to resolving user issues efficiently and effectively. Complex issues may require additional time for investigation and resolution.

6. Escalation Process

If a user issue cannot be resolved immediately, it will be escalated to higher support levels for further assistance and resolution.

7. User Responsibilities

Users are encouraged to provide clear and accurate information regarding their issues to facilitate faster resolution.

Users are expected to follow platform guidelines and terms of service while seeking support.

8. Feedback and Improvement

We welcome user feedback and use it to continually improve our platform and customer support services.

9. Confidentiality

Any information shared with our customer support team will be treated with strict confidentiality in line with our privacy policy.

10. Contact Information

For customer support inquiries, users can reach out to our support team via